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Minutes Of the 22nd Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 23rd June 2004 in Hadleigh Old Town Hall at 8.00 p.m.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from twelve members of the Society.

MINUTES OF A.G.M. 25th JUNE 2003 were accepted, after slight amendment, as a true record of the meeting.  There were no matters arising not covered elsewhere in the Agenda.

TREASURER'S REPORT  Chris Drake presented this year’s financial statement and explained the substantial differences from the previous year.  The Fighting Fund has been revived and the purchase of a new marquee accounts for the large increase in expenditure.     

HISTORY GROUP REPORT  Glenda Druce reported that the Group has continued to research Hadleigh life in the 1830s.  A fascinating find at Bury Record Office was of the working diary of Dean Knox of that time.  The Group has transcribed the book which covers three years and is crammed with information about his pastoral work and visits, his parishioners and his many other responsibilities.  The presentation to the Society in February of ‘Highway Robbery in Hadleigh’ scripted by Gerard Melia, had been very well received.  It will be presented again for the Friends of St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh in September 2004.  Throughout the year the Group has responded to various emails from all over the world requesting information about Hadleigh’s history.  Thanks were given to all the members of the History Group for their hard work and to Sue Andrews for her help and guidance.   

PLANNING REPORT  The objections which the Society made to the First and Second Deposit Draft of the Babergh District Council Local Plan will be taken to the Planning Inspector when the Inquiry begins in September 2004.  The Society has added to these with its objections to the pre-Inquiry changes concerning Babergh’s decision to propose the Brett Works as its site of choice for a supermarket.  The Society will be giving oral evidence at the Public Inquiry, and is consulting with the Director of the Suffolk Preservation Society.

REPRESENTATION ON OTHER BODIES  John Bloomfield reported as Chair of EEACTS, that the Civic Trust is in the process of re-structuring, having appointed a new Chair and new trustees.  A new subscription scheme is being considered to encourage more individual membership.  Communication between East of England civic societies and EEACTS will in future be via its website, where links to issues and the relevant government papers will be found.  EEACTS now has a business plan, and its highest priority is to respond to RPG14, Regional Planning Guidance for the region for the future.  John expressed his concern that as millions of pounds are being spent in establishing a regional assembly, and organisations such as the National Trust and English Heritage reorganise, so local involvement is drifting away.

Jan Byrne announced that the Town Forum is in discussion with Babergh District Council about the future of Hadleigh’s swimming pool.  Its Entertainments Committee has a number of events in the pipeline including a quiz competition, a free music event at Layham Road Sports Ground, the summer street fair in July, a craft fair in October and the Christmas Fayre.

The Traffic Management and Environment Working Party continues to meet bi-monthly.  From the Society’s point of view, it is important that we are represented to try to stop the urbanisation of the town centre whilst maintaining safety.  For example, there were suggestions to put in traffic ramps along the High Street, with accompanying lighting and street furniture, to slow down traffic as there have been a couple of minor incidents at the new pedestrian crossing.  The Working Party has now agreed to try a build-up or platform at the crossing instead.

CHAIR'S REVIEW   Jan Byrne opened her report by stating that the Society is slowly growing and the membership is about 200.  It is sad that we are having to spend so much time on Tesco’s when there are other things we would like to be doing, amongst them the identification of houses that are not listed but are significant.  We started work on this early in the year, but it is being held up by work for the Inquiry.  Hopefully we will get cracking on it again soon.

Our meetings are being well supported and we have had some excellent speakersThe programme for the rest of the year is interesting, and we will be celebrating Christmas a little early with a ‘Victorian Christmas’ by Clive Paine.  We spent a day with the Brentwood U3A, when we took them on tours of the town, Guildhall and Deanery Tower.  The money taken for this was split between the Church and the Market Feoffment.  This year we are taking part in Heritage Weekend.  John Bloomfield and Jan will be offering tours of the town, which will complement the tours of the Deanery Tower and Guildhall.

Our new tent at the May Show was a great improvement and much easier to erect.  The exhibition on ‘Changing Hadleigh’ drew a lot of attention, and the computer slide show will be showing at the end of this evening’s meeting.  Of course none of the events and achievements of the Society would occur if it were not for the hard work of the committee.  We are very fortunate in having a committee all of whom work hard in their individual jobs.  At the same time, committee meetings are enjoyable which makes life much easier.  We have not received any nominations for the new committee but fortunately nobody has concluded their five years and has to stand down, so for the coming year the committee will remain the same.

Jonathan Ralph expressed his thanks for the hard work put in by all members of the committee throughout the year, for which a round of applause was well received.

NOEL TURNER AWARD 2004   There were no nominations this year.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS   As no formal ballot was necessary the Executive Committee for the coming year would be:


Jan Byrne  


Jim Betteridge

Vice Chair

John Bloomfield  


Joe Byrne


Sue Angland  


Graham Panton



Chris Drake  

History Group

Glenda Druce

Membership Secretary  

Rosemary Schade (non-voting)

The meeting closed with the serving of wine, cheese and other refreshments.

The Hadleigh Society