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Minutes of the 25th Annual General Meeting of The Hadleigh Society held in Hadleigh Old Town Hall on Wednesday 20th June 2007.

Apologies for absence were received from two members.

Minutes of the A.G.M. of 28th June 2006 were accepted as a true record of the meeting. There were no matters arising not covered elsewhere in the Agenda.

Treasurers Report. Chris Drake presented the financial statement, it had been an overall satisfactory year with income up on 2005 due to the returns from the presentation of Ruby and her Horses.

There we no questions and the report was accepted.

History Group Report was given by Sue Angland. Sue reminded members that 13th August is an important date because on that day the History group will be giving their presentation on ‘Hadleigh in 1836 a project that they have been working on since 2001. There will be photographic copies of the map available for sale on the night.

The previous presentation ‘Highway Robbery in Hadleigh’ continues to be well received and was given to an enthusiastic audience in St Joseph’s Church and there is a booking for December.

Planning Report. Despite Tesco having held a public exhibition of their plans last December the planning application is still awaited. We still observe planning applications relevant to the Society’s objects and comments are made to Babergh District Council where relevant.

Representation on other bodies.

Jan Byrne continues to represent the Society on the Hadleigh Environment and Traffic Management Working group. After attempts by Suffolk County Council to disband the group it has continued to meet and has recently been commended by the County for its’ work.

John Bloomfield is chairman of the East of England Association of Civic Trust Societies, a member of the Historic Environment Forum and an editor of the Heritage Counts Document.

Chair’s Review.

Over the last year the executive committee has again followed the programme which has been the pattern of previous years and seems to be successful both from a speaker and an audience point of view. Speakers of calibre do charge more, but we are not short of funds to pay the going rate.

The Society was again represented at the Hadleigh Show with a new site for the Society’s tent. Sue Andrews exhibition on Hadleigh Public Houses was appreciated and Sue has volunteered to provide next years display.

The projector is being well used and increasingly speakers are expecting to have computer facilities available. The History Group will be using it for their next presentation.

The Tesco application is still awaited and Babergh District Council continue to press the Town Council to sell their land.

The Chairman concluded with thanking all of the Executive committee and asked for a volunteer to relieve Jan Byrne as secretary.

Election of Officers and Executive Committee Members.

All existing members were eligible to re-stand and with no other nominations a formal ballot was not required and they were all re-elected.

Chair: John Bloomfield .
Vice Chair: Graham Panton
Secretary: Jan Byrne
Treasurer: Chris Drake

Daphne Jarvis
Margaret Woods
Sue Angland

Membership Secretary: Rosemary Schade (non-voting)
Newsletter Distributor: Jim Betteridge (non-voting)

The meeting closed at 8.20p.m. It was followed with a talk by Sue Andrews on ‘Hadleigh Mills’ and closed with the serving of cheese and wine.

The Hadleigh Society