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The Hadleigh Society

Registered with the Civic Trust as an Amenity Society




Minutes of the 28th Annual General Meeting of The Hadleigh Society held in Hadleigh Old Town Hall on Monday 21st June 2010 at 8.00pm

Apologies for absence: Sue Andrews.

Attendance: There were 29 Members of the Society attending.

Minutes of the A.G.M of 17th June 2009 were accepted as a true record of the meeting. There were no matters arising not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

Treasurers Report: Chris Drake reported that once again a single event has tended to dominate the routine expenditure of the Society last year it was the Family Day organised in the Guildhall by Steve and Nina Sherwood. Chris has shown the figures for that day separately. Without the Family Day income was down by 114 mainly due to a decrease in membership. Expenditure was similarly down by 100; last year we had Clive Paine as our most costly speaker, the year before it was Dr Sam Newton who charges a bit more.

As Chris intimated last year if we want to continue having the more expensive speakers without having to worry too much about the cost then we need to have an increase in subscriptions. Similarly affiliating to the Civic Voice organisation would be a significant cost. That is the reason for the motion later on in the agenda.

One thought to consider was, as two-thirds of our members qualify for a “concession” perhaps it would be better to call that the regular subscription with a higher “penalty” rate for those lucky and young enough to be in paid employment!

Expenditure from the Fighting Fund is dictated by activities on the Tesco front and this has been very quiet for the past year, with only the one flyer sent out with the Community News but we need to have the cash available quickly should the need arise.

Chris expressed his thanks to Paul Garrard of Walter Wright Chartered Accountants for his help once again in the preparation of the accounts.

History Group Report: Sue Angland reported that the History Groups current project “Trades and Occupations in 19th Century Hadleigh” has kept the Group very busy over the last year. They had spent many weeks transcribing the various trade directories of that period. This was a long and rather laborious task for most of the Group, but at least the directories are now listed according to the occupation and also according to street name.

As well as gathering information from the directories, the Group have also consulted the collection of newspapers at the Ipswich Record Office, and the traders’ bills held in the Hadleigh Archive.

Census returns, have of course, been a rich source of information. Much of the trade was centred in the High Street and the Group had been able to identify more or less where most shops and businesses were actually located. The Group were in the process of putting their research into some sort of order with a view to presenting it to the Society in 2011.

Sue concluded by reporting that the Group would be repeating their previous presentation: The Deans Diary on Saturday 31st July at the study day “Churchmen of Hadleigh” organised by Sue Andrews. At the last meeting the Group were asked to think about the next topic of research but Sue could not announce it because the Group were still thinking!

Planning: The date for the next Tesco planning application is still not known. We were expecting the planning application to go in in July 2010 and three people would be able to speak for and against for 3 minutes. Simon Cairns of Suffolk Preservation Society had agreed to speak for the Hadleigh Society against the proposal. Considerations and imaginative ideas for alternative uses of the site had been requested. Hattie would be looking and monitoring planning applications.

Hadleigh Traffic Working Party: Nina Sherwood reported that she had been attending the quarterly Traffic Working Party meetings along with Jan Byrne. Benton Street issues continue to dominate discussions. The Police were checking for speeding and weight restrictions enforcing the legal requirements. The narrow pavement between Hadleigh and Upper Layham had been discussed and Layham residents have been working with Suffolk County Council representatives to draw up proposals to widen the pavement. However these plans will have to wait for funding.

Signage on the road in Benton Street has been reviewed but there is still a major sigh on the A12 that could be misleading but would cost 25,000 to change and the Highways Agency feel this is not a priority.

Angel Street continues to be raised as an issue over the speed of cars travelling into and away from town.

Other issues raised were parking in the High Street, double yellow lines, the  20 mph speed limit outside the school and at the bus station. This later item was welcomed although as it is not a statutory limit the Police cannot enforce it. The Hadleigh Society supports a proposal for the 20 mph limit through the town centre.

Membership of the Civic Voice

Judgement was reserved on continued membership to the Civic Voice as this was going to cost the Society 300 a year.

Chairman’s Report: John Bloomfield reported that it had been a satisfactory year for the Society. Membership had been around 200 and there were currently 182 members at present. The date for the planning application was proposed to be the 14th July and there would be a day of action on the 10th July 2010 when it was proposed to link hands across the bridge to highlight the dangers of increase traffic in that area. Both Jonathan Glancy and Griff Rhys Jones were on side in the campaign against Tescos.

The new Committee were at the Hadleigh Show in May. The Family Day in the Guildhall was a success and thanks were given to Steve and Nina in organising this which it is hoped may be repeated in the future. John thanked all the Committee members in their various roles.

Proposal to increase Membership fees: It was proposed to increase the current fees by 1.00 per head to be able to afford more expensive speakers. Chris outlined the various prices for combinations of membership. The increase was proposed by Jan and seconded by Carol and passed by majority. It was suggested that members may be charged 1.00 at each meeting but pay a lower membership fee.

A further increase of fees would be listed as an item at the next AGM.

The Election of Officers and the Executive Committee

Chair : Jan Byrne

Vice Chair : Margaret Woods

Secretary : Steve Sherwood

Treasurer : Chris Drake

Membership Secretary : Margaret Woods

Members : Graham Panton, Sue Angland,. Nina Sherwood, Hattie Bawden 

Any Other Business

Jan advised the meeting that John had been Chairman more that once and in view of his status and commitment to the Hadleigh Society and Hadleigh in general it was unanimously agreed that John be made Honorary President on the occasion of him stepping down from the Chair. John then handed the Chairmanship to Jan Byrne.

A small presentation was made to both John and Trish on behalf of the Members.

The meeting closed at 8.35 pm and was followed by the serving of cheese and wine.

The Hadleigh Society