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Love Lane

One of Hadleigh’s enduring archives is the Love Lane wall, with records going back two centuries.  If you can add anything to our appreciation, at this decent historical distance, how about letting the rest of us into a few secrets?  



It hasn’t gone away, nor has it moved on.  Still no date for the Planning Application to be considered.  Perhaps they need more detail? Perhaps it’ll have to wait for the Local Plan Enquiry?  We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Highway Robbery in Hadleigh– an update

Those of you who came to the February meeting may be interested in further information that we have, courtesy of the Mann family. Sarah Barnes was actually interviewed on the ship Midas as well as Bury, at the instigation of the Rector of Chelsworth, who now had further information regarding the death of Sergeant Stow. It was suggested that she might be offered a free pardon to testify but where could she have returned to but Hadleigh (no witness protection in those days)? So she refused, the Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel decided to keep her in the country no longer and so she went.

John Mann was anxious that he would be buried in Kersey and that his father would put up a tombstone. If he had been convicted of murder his body would have been given to doctors for dissection and so he denied involvement in two murders to the end – but doubts remain.

Sarah Barnes had cost the county £1.12.6d to keep her in gaol for 13 weeks, Thomas Grimsey cost 15s.0d for six weeks but John Mann cost a total of £36.18s.0d of which £20.12s.0d was the cost of his execution. This included a hood, halter, gallows (rope), and executioner from London.

If you missed the presentation you will have another opportunity to see it on Thursday 30th September when the Friends of Saint Mary’s are arranging an evening in St Mary’s Church.

From Hadleigh to Holland-on-Sea

Today Hadleigh and Holland-on-Sea are a similar size and can both date back to Domesday. Whilst Hadleigh developed solidly through Mediaeval times and then went into decline until recently, Holland-on-Sea only passed a population of 100 after 1900.  At that date its modern history started when a London entrepreneur bought the land and brought out prospective buyers by the train-load. In 2000 its thriving community was able to celebrate the centenary as well as the Millennium. Within that century housing estates grew, then up-market Swiss chalets with tennis courts. Shops and a hotel came and a new pub took an old name: Little Holland's old beer house had been called the Donkey by its regulars, so there's a Hadleigh parallel with the Stone Street White Horse. A few more links existed with the earlier times.  A farmhouse transformed into an inn, as if it had always been and churches went through two phases of rebuilding. The mediaeval parish church had fallen into disuse 400 years ago but one stone that remained had been thoughtfully incorporated into the first Twentieth century building. Unfortunately not many people knew that and when the building was replaced in 1972 the historic stone was lost. Roger could have told them, and he set about writing a history.  Now, post-millennium a lot of residents have a real interest in their village and perhaps it won't be so easily forgotten again. If you want to know more about the wartime history, Roger has written a book about that.

Noel Turner Award

Nominations are invited from any member of the Hadleigh Society for an award to be made in recognition of 'Outstanding improvements to, or conservation of, Hadleigh's buildings or environment'

In deciding to make an award the Society's Executive Committee and any expert they may wish to consult, will be considering how sympathetic the work is with its surroundings and how well it integrates with them.  They will expect all work to display a high quality of workmanship and to be an example of good practice. 

Nominations should include details of the improvement made or of work carried out and should be sent to reach the Hon. Secretary, The Hadleigh Society c/o 134 Benton Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5AZ, by 11th June 2004. 

Maitland Mason

We have received an enquiry regarding the paintings of Maitland Mason.  Does anyone know of the existence of any of his paintings in Hadleigh, apart from those in what is now 'Odds & Ends'?  Our enquirer owns a painting of Aldham Mill and wondered whether there were any other local landmarks painted by Maitland Mason.  If you have any information, please contact our secretary, Sue Angland, on 827298.

Next Event

Ever wondered about aspects of Hadleigh's past?  When? Where? Why? What? How? Then come along to the Hadleigh Society meeting on Wednesday 19th May when Sue Andrews, Hadleigh Archivist, will lead a forum concerning Hadleigh's History Mysteries.  Take the opportunity to test Sue's extensive knowledge or just come to be entertained.

Meeting as usual in the Old Town Hall at 8pm. Entry is free for members, £2 for others.