Hadleigh Society has scooped a Suffolk Heritage Champion Award, presented by the Suffolk Preservation Society (SPS), in recognition of its work in protecting the historic natural environment of Hadleigh’s Bacon Lane – a late medieval sunken track.

The Society was nominated for the award by local residents who appreciated its efforts in helping to safeguard the lane from potential developmental pressures. It helped facilitate a grant from The Tree Council to enable residents and volunteers from Hadleigh Environmental Action Team, (HEAT) to re-establish hedging and trees along parts of the ancient bridleway.

The SPS citation highlights the “valuable contribution” of Hadleigh Society members in carrying out detailed research at the Hadleigh Archive to establish that Bacon Lane was, in fact, an ancient “holloway”, deserving special status as a non-designated heritage asset. The lane has been added to Hadleigh’s Local List of properties and places that are important to the history and social culture of the town.

“The Award is a great accolade to the work the society carries out on behalf of the town and recognises the efforts of local residents and the HEAT team,” said Richard Fletcher, Hadleigh Society chairman.

The Suffolk Heritage Champion Award will be presented to Hadleigh Society at a special ceremony at Heveningham Hall on 18th July 2024 .

Hadleigh Society members involved in the Bacon Lane project: (l to r) Sally Looker, Mark Lawrence, Richard Fletcher (chairman) Martin Looker, Graham Panton.

Hadleigh Society chairman, Richard Fletcher.