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Outline Planning Application B687/87 for supermarket

ABC of Hadleigh Bricks


It would seem that all attending this our fifth A.G.M. felt that the informal get-together after the business of the evening had been successfully completed was an ideal opportunity to exchange views on a variety of associated topics over the light refreshments provided and to review what progress might be made in the year ahead under the newly elected Executive Committee.

Jan Byrne in her report as 'outgoing' chairman thanked all those that had put in so much to make it a most successful year from the stirling work done by the Catering Group and all those that had lent a hand on the social side to the excellent work undertaken by the Environmental and History Groups. The Society's sincere thanks were also given to the contributions made by the outgoing Executive Committee members particularly those who were not standing for re-election mentioning in particular Peggy Crabtree's outstanding efforts as a founder member and Hon. Treasurer for so many years.

There being the exact number of nominations for the new Executive Committee no election as such was necessary and the following have been duly appointed for the coming year.

Chair Mrs Jan Byrne
Vice Chair Mr Noel Turner
Treasurer Mr Paul Garrod
Secretary Mrs Sylvia Wardley
Committee members The Rev. Canon J. Griffin
Mr B. Allen
(membership secretary)
Mr J. Betteridge
(Newsletter Editor)
Mr T. Veasey
Mr J. Osborn
Mr G. Panton
Environmental Group Chairman Mrs A. Tyerman
History Group Chairman Mr J. Byrne

It was resolved that the Hadleigh Society should in future make awards as and when it might be appropiate for any outstanding contributions to improving or conserving the environment in Hadleigh. Consequently a sub-committee has now been formed under Jan Byrne and Noel Turner to draw up suitable Rules and to look into how best such a scheme should be executed.

There followed a certain amount of discussion of the proposal that had just come to light to establish a new super market complex on the site of the old Butchers shop and Freezer centre at No. 109 High Street Hadleigh. It was judged that the initial response of those attending the meeting was unfavourable to such a proposal despite a well presented case put forward by Canon John Griffin for a broader view to be taken. As will be seen from the later report the matter was  raised again for consideration at the first meeting of your newly elected Executive Committee on the 29th June at the request of the Environmental Group with a similar result.


As reported at the A.G.M. the Environmental Group has in the past year been simply keeping up with the day to day monitoring and commenting on planning applications and in some cases lending support to local residents in difficult situations.

Along with those of other objectors a number of points have been upheld.

  1. Last year help was given to local residents to contest the use of 95 Benton St. as a haulage depot so that this year they were able to make their own objections without help to the plan to use the site for the making of concrete pavings.
  2. Route Rangers plan to operate from Angel Street was also objected to by the group together with local residents.
  3. Just before Christmas an application for the licensing of heavy vehicles on behalf of Beestons Transport gave residents a second opportunity within a period of a year to lodge objections. Members of the Environmental Group looked into their objections at a meeting held in East House and a petition was sent to the Department of Transport. The petition failed despite the sympathy of Babergh District Council's Planning Department and of our Member of Parliament. There is at present no way it seems by which this intrusion into a housing area (Long Bessells) can be required to move into a more suitable location such as the Industrial site.
  4. More recently an application for 3 houses to be built off Station Road at Wentworth Close was objected to as being too dense and on unsuitable ground that also encroached on public open space.
  5. There has also been observations raised on the plan to build 8 houses at the top of George Street bordering on Frog Hall Lane. Planning consent was subsequently refused for the two houses which fronted onto Frog Hall Lane until the road is widened in that area at some future date.
  6. Again with others including the Town Council objection was raised to the design of proposed flats to replace Dawsons Garage at the corner of High Street and Calais Street. The application was turned down but will be resubmitted by the Developer after consultation.

As previously noted Mr Paul Edwards of the Suffolk Preservation Society spoke to the group last April and pointed out that work inside Listed buildings was as subject to planning consent as exterior work. There are still too many people who act first and ask later or do not know that they should ask - and to this end the Society through the Environmental Group would like to enlist the help of new people to collect as much information as possible about our Listed buildings together with photographs so that some kind of leaflet can be produced as a guide for owners of these properties many of whom may not be aware of the importance of what they own. The work is intended to be done to suit those undertaking it with any costs being met by the Society. Anyone interested or who feels they may be able to help in anyway is invited to contact Audrey Tyerman (Telephone No. 827240) who remains Group Chairman or the new Group Secretary as below.

Mr. Douglas Wood of Castle Road Hadleigh (Telephone No. 828228) has very kindly offered to be Secretary to the Group in place of Canon John Griffin who is finally able to stand down after his years in harness firstly as the Society's founding Chairman and then stepping in to take over 'temporarily' as Environmental Group Secretary during a most active period. We are all most indebted to John for his stirling efforts on our behalves over such a long time and are pleased that he is to remain an active and no doubt articulate member of the Society's Executive Committee.

The Groups next meeting will be on Wednesday 8th July at No. 34 New Cut Hadleigh, commencing at 7.30 p.m. Any Society member wishing to join in will be most welcome.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on any matter you may wish to raise or discuss. (or let us have your view for the newsletter! - Ed.)


An application has been made for the erection of a building for use as a supermarket and construction of associated car parking for 107 vehicles on the site of the former Butchers shop and Freezer Centre at 109 High Street Hadleigh which would be demolished to permit a new access road for shoppers vehicles and delivery lorries etc. Representation or objections are to be with the Chief Planning Officer of Babergh District Council not later than 21 days from the date of the official publication notice on 30th June 1987.

The Chairman of the Environmental Group reminds members that individual letters of objection to the Chief Planning Officer are most important. To aid you in this we have reproduced the enclosed sketch plan of the site.hsn8707.gif (218661 bytes)

The following is a summary of the grounds on which the Society has objected:

  1. That the site is within a conservation area.
  2. That the demolition of No. 109 breaks the continuity of the street line.
  3. The large increase of cars and lorries passing through the town centre.
  4. A fear that the damage caused to Stowmarket's shopping area, by the opening of a large supermarket, will be repeated in Hadleigh.
  5. That the access road opens up the whole area from the Churchyard to Bridge Street for future development.


The Group continues to meet less frequently as a Group with people working independantly on various aspects of the 1881 Census. The Ordnance Survey maps have now arrived and are being put to good use. The Hadleigh Documents have been lent to Sue Andrews and it has been agreed that she can use the title "Who's been living in my house" for a course that she is hoping to run in the Autumn.

The next meeting of the Group as such will be on Thursday 23rd July at No.4, Bridge Street Hadleigh commencing at 7.30 p.m. Joe Byrne is to continue as Group Chairman (Tel. Hadleigh 822192) and Sally Looker remains Group Secretary.


We are pleased to welcome back onto the Executive Committee Mr. Paul Garrod who was part of the original team and is no stranger to most members. Although extremely busy building up his own business Paul has kindly responded to the quest for a new Treasurer and this is appreciated by us all. As explained by Peggy Crabtree at the A.G.M. the Society is in a sound financial position.


Our membership at the time of going to press now stands at 118 fully paid-up members. This is in no small way attributable to the efficiency of Ben Allen as membership Secretary and 'door keeper' extraordinary. It is understood in fact that many of us will soon be receiving our renewal of membership notices which come dropping through the letterbox without fail. If you have any queries, of course, you can contact Ben by telephone at Hadleigh 827691. This applies to any request for membership you may come to hear of although a word with any Committee member will ensure a form of enrolment is sent off without delay together, perhaps, with a back-copy of a newsletter. Enrolment forms and back-copy newsletters are usually available at any of the Society meetings should they be required.

It has been decided to raise the entry fee of non-members to our main events with effect from the September meeting in East House when a charge of 1 will be made. Hopefully, we shall see yet a further increase in full membership as it will be seen that for another 3 a person can come to all future meetings without additional charge and join in with our other group activities and suchlike.


by courtesy of Roger Kennell

G is for Gauged work

Some special features of brickwork, arches, windows and door surrounds were high lighted with especially fine brickwork of an exact size and with minimal joints. The 17th and 18th century was the great age for gauged work but continued in use until the beginning of this century.

The bricks used were made from a fine and sandy clay which produced a soft brick capable of being rubbed to a precise or guaged size. These bricks were also known as rubber bricks, giving opportunities for countless jokes against unsuspecting new apprentice boys.


H is for Headers

This is the term given to the ends of bricks when shown on a wall face. The two headers of a brick equal the side or stretcher face. This ratio has remained since the 14th century and enabling the various bonds to be produced. The thickness of bricks however has varied considerably over the last eight hundred years, the most recent being just a few years ago when bricks went metric!


I is for Irregular Bonding

The earliest brickwork was laid in no set pattern other than to ensure that no two joints should follow above each other which would cause a weakness. Even after the introduction of regular bonding, irregular brickwork was still used and an example can be seen in the boundary wall to "Sun Court" opposite Corks Lane in Bridge Street.



We still await confirmation of when best to visit Helmingham Hall and this will be circulated as soon as Noel Turner hears again from the owner who is away at the present time.

Our next talk, of course, is on Wednesday 23rd September in East House when Mrs G. Jennings will be speaking on "Suffolk Landscapes".. After this the History Group will be presenting "1881 and all that" on the 25th November. Do come and join us.

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Editor : Jim Betteridge