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The Government Inspector Mr. Cohn A. J. Jacobs FICE., FRICS., FRTPI., submitted his Report on the Public Inquiry held in Hadleigh between the 7th and 30th March for the consideration of the District Council towards the end of September 1989. The Report makes 10 recommended modifications to the original Plan for the Babergh District none directly relating to Hadleigh.

Some minor modifications put forward by Council Officers relating to powers for insisting on lower housing density,restrictions on Barn conversions and the limiting of developments to land designated in the Plan only were also put up for consideration.

The Planning Committee met on the 3rd October 1989 and accepted the Report.

The sixty-two page Report plus Appendices includes 356 representations - 180 in respect of Housing Policy:

25 Supported the plan
55 Objections were withdrawn
7 Cases reached agreement
247 Representations were dealt with in the Report (138 were heard at the Public Inquiry and the remaining 109 were reviewed on written information - including that submitted by the Hadleigh Society)
22 were invalid


Para. 1.10 "In the Hadleigh area it was hoped that about 54% of new dwellings could be located within the Town. About 35 in the town centre area and elsewhere in locations outside and around the town centre and conservation area. The balance of 46% would be primarily located in four villages."
Hadleigh Town Centre There were quite a few representations in respect of the Hadleigh Town Centre each raising several points.
Para. 2.266   The representations of the Hadleigh Society, prepared by Douglas Wood FRICS and Noel Turner FRICS are succinctly set out (in their written submission). The concerns of The Society have been mirrored by the individual objectors: Traffic, the need for more and better routes, a one way system in the High Street, a relief road for Benton Street, weight restrictions, road improvement Pond Hall Road, planning gain from developers could finance highway improvements. On specific objections the Society suggests:
241 Church Street to be subject to limited access.
Overall pedestrian plan to be developed
242 Shop scheme at temporary Post Office site
243 Due to premium on town centre space, parking space be omitted. Garages by undercrofts
244 Plan for future community facilities
Para. 2.267 to para. 2.271 dealt with evidence prepared by Mr M. Jeanes, Suffolk County Council Group Engineer (fraffic Engineering), Suffolk Highways Department and Mr S. Brown on behalf of Babergh District Council in response.
Para. 2.272 INSPECTORS COMMENTARY Most of the objectors are long term, even lifetime residents, their objections being founded on insight and understanding, they are anxious for the future of this very attractive town. Concern is repeated on a number of issues. As with most town plans, traffic is the greatest problem. When towns are environmentally damaged by excess traffic the responsibility lies with the Highway authority. Unfortunately priorities in fransport Policies and Programmes seldom recognise this. As with Sudbury, the highway input in town centre terms, lacks the urgency and inventiveness of the Plan as a whole. Otherwise, it is clear that the District Council proposes to implement the policies sensitively and with care.
Para. 2.273 INSPECTORS CONCLUSIONS Whilst, in the main, I am supportive of the objections, the evidence for the Council fully vindicates the efficacy of the present policies. A next step, perhaps a local Action Area Plan, might involve townspeople in the detail of achievement. Living for ashort while in the main street of this lovely town, I found traffic, particularly heavy vehicular movements does, as Sq. Leader Bloomfield suggests, vibrate through the fabric of the buildings. Involving the County Council in traffic relief (not a one way system which might increase movements), at the earliest moment, needs to be regarded as a priority, and a way forward which is not possible by a modification to the Plan.
Para. 2.274 INSPECTORS RECOMMENDATION In regard to each and all of the (listed) objections, I recommend no modification to the Plan.

Subject to any objections made to the modifications recommended by the inspector and others the 'Babergh Local Plan' for the 1990's is expected to be adopted by the District Council early next year.


We were pleased to hear from a 'fairly reliable source'that the publishers* of our Presidents delightful and authoritive book 'Hadleigh through the Ages' are about to reprint it for yet a third time.

The book, of course, tells the story with illustrations of Hadleigh as a Viking Royal Town, Mediaeval Wool Centre, Chartered Borough and Archbishop's Peculiar. It is hoped copies will be with booksellers in time for the Christmas rush - so don't delay order right away.

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