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After careful consideration of nominations received after last years appeal the Society’s Selection Panel has recommended Awards be made at this years Annual General Meeting on 26 June 1991 as follows.

1. Gordon Sutcliffe Antiques

for alterations and refurbishment of 11 High Street, Hadleigh.

This former mediaeval building had already been altered to form two large areas fronting the street, with single storey extensions to the rear before being refurbished to serve as a gallery for the sale of antiques. The single storey rear extension has been opened into the front spaces by the simple device of wide arched openings. The whole effect is to create a large open gallery with three partially defined areas.

This award is made to recognise the high quality of the work done and of the pioneering spirit in establishing a standard for future refurbishment of the South end of the High Street.

2. Odds and Ends House

to Ann Stephenson at 131 High Street, Hadleigh for conversion of adjoining stables and outbuildings.

A range of single storey stables and outbuildings has been converted to provide two disabled bedrooms with en-suite bathroom provision and a third central bedroom with shower, to provide for an accompanying companion/ nurse. The whole is arranged to allow flexibility in particular letting arrangements for disabled visitors to this small hotel.

Ramped access is provided; and wide openings formed, suitable for wheel— chair use. The sanitary provision is fully equipped with grab rails and other aids conforming with recommendations for disabled use.

This award is made to this unassuming remodelling in recognition of the provision made for the disabled.

3. Richard Jackson Partnership

for their office extensions at the rear of 28 High Street, Hadleigh in Old Fire Station Yard.

A two storey extension has been added to the rear of the existing building providing recessed parking space on the South side and two storey offices around and above. The extension is carefully grafted onto the existing building so as to avoid alteration to the existing gable and old tiling but still maintaining the form and pitch in the new extension. The extension has been rendered and the scale is entirely appropriate to the adjoining buildings. On the other side of the building modest, but careful landscaping has provided additional parking nd turning space with pedestrian access to the rear of the offices.

This North facade is linked to the existing building by a glazed semi circular roofed link lighthearted in spirit and entirely appropriate to the forward looking nature of the Consulting Engineers whose office this is.


Planning Applications

Total advertised   8
Properties affected   6
including Listed Buildings   3

These have all been considered by the Chairman and Secretary and it has not been found necessary to make representations on any of them.


On 6th March 91 a letter was sent to the District Council drawing attention to a number of Estate Agents boards erected in various parts of the Town stating "Now Open" followed by the Agent’s name. In our opinion this constituted an advertisement for the Agents business which should be the subject of a planning Application.

A reply was received dated 22nd March 91 stating that the Agent concerned had been advised that the "Now Open" boards ‘fall outside the scope of the Advertisement Regulations, and in consequence do not enjoy a deemed consent’. Most or all of the offending boards have now been removed.

A letter dated 11th March 91 from the DC informed us that the Application for takeaway facilities at 30 High Street, to which we had objected, had been granted permission.

A letter dated 4th April 91 from the DC referred to the proposed development at the Falcon PH Benton Street on which we had made certain comments. Revised drawings had been submitted and these had now been granted permission.


Meeting to consider Community Facilities in Hadleigh

This was a well attended meeting of interested parties including Graham Panton who attended as Chairman of the Hadleigh Society.

In conclusion the Town Mayor summarised the discussions and indicated the ways forward which had been discussed. Mr. E. Taylor (SCC Education Department) said that since the non-acceptance of their plans to move to the Hadleigh High School the County Council were looking for a way forward. He indicated that he was prepared to recommend to the County Council that they accept an extension of the Lease of East House for a period of a few years. He confirmed that the County Council would wish to fulfil their obligations and would bear in mind the need of the user groups expressed at this meeting. The possibility of a purpose built structure for playgroup and similar use on County Council land close to St. Mary’s School was also considered.

It was agreed to recommend to the Town Council that they monitor the position following the receipt of Mr. Taylor’s report to the County Council and call a further meeting of this kind at an appropriate time.

(based upon extract of the Minutes of the meeting held on 5th March 1991)

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As members will see we have had to make one or two revisions to the previously notified programme due to ‘circumstances beyond our control’. We are, however, delighted to bring to your attention the additional meeting arranged for the 10th July when the Chief Executive of Babergh District Council will address us together with the Chief Planning Officer Mr G.E.Swain and the Council’s Treasurer Mr R.J.Coysh. We are indeed most grateful that such busy Council Officials can find the time to pay us a visit.

All meetings will be at East house, George Street, Hadleigh from 8 p.m. except John Bloomfield's Sunday afternoon tour from the Guildhall.

May 15  
‘Are you sitting comfortably?’ - antique chairs thro’ the Ages ‘Sun Court’ Hadleigh Gordon Sutcliffe
June 26  
Annual General Meeting & Talk by Michael Greenwood R.I.B.A.
July 10  
‘The Place of Hadleigh within Babergh’ Mr D.C.Bishop D.M.A.
Ch.Exeeutive B.D.C.
August   Holiday Period
Wednesday   September 18 ‘Suffolk at Doomsday’ Mark Bailey of the Univ. of Cambridge
October 6
Guided tour from Hadleigh  Guildhall - 2 p.m. John Bloomfield
October 30
Fine Arts & Antiques James Fletcher of Oliver’s of Sudbury
Wednesday   November 27 ‘Farming and the Environment’ Hans Luers
Agric. Journalist

As ever we shall look forward to the pleasure of your company


Hadleigh Youth Club - May Show Sponsored Abseilling

The Youth Club have taken space at the Hadleigh May Show on Saturday 18th May to organise a Sponsored Abseilling Event. This will be operated from a 4Oft scaffolding tower and will be supervised by Mr Alan Knight whose Army and Outward Bound training will ensure safety.

The charge for each descent will be 1.00 per person which the Youth Club will use to defray the site and insurance expenses (totalling 125). The scaffolding tower has kindly been donated free of charge by Messrs. Hansa-Hire Ltd of Ipswich.

Further details and sponsorship forms are available from East House.

Elizabethan Hadleigh — ‘Responses to the Poor’

by Marjorie K. McIntosh PhD. BA (Harvard)

At the Town Hall Hadleigh on Tuesday 21st May 1991 commencing at 7.30 p.m. - Admission 1.00

Professor McIntosh is currently engaged in research in this Country and has made a detailed study of Hadleigh and other English Towns.


The author writes to us from the University of Leicester to say that the hero of his book, W.R. Lyall, was one of the most distinguished incumbents of Hadleigh in modern times. section of a chanter has been devoted to his work in the town between 1833 and 1842. The illustrations include two engravings of the deanery and an engraving of Lyall’s predecessor, Hugh Rose.

(Special Offer price 12.50 inc. p&p direct from The Hambledon Press 102 Gloucester Av., London NWI 8HX — offer remains open until June 1991)

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