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AGM - Thursday 24th June







AGM - Thursday 24th June

The 1999 AGM was held at 8pm on Thursday 24th June in the Town Hall Dining Room. 47 members attended.

Sue Angland, Honorary Treasurer reported an overspend, mainly due to the purchase of a PA system, but no need to increase the membership subscriptions. With nearly 200 members the income from that source was higher than last year.

Joe Byrne reported highlights of the History Group’s year, with a well-received hosting of a meeting of the Suffolk Local History Group Council, and the Society talk on ‘Hadleigh Charities’. The Group might repeat the SLHC programme in Spring 2000 for a wider audience, and is just starting a long-term project to publish a history of Hadleigh, probably in successive parts. There are now 10 members, with Joe continuing as Chairman and Trish Bloomfield taking on the Secretary role. Jill Sutherland was fondly remembered, and Sue Andrew’s continued support was much appreciated.

Jan Byrne described the process of monitoring planning applications. Any issues are discussed with John Bloomfield, and other Executive members are called in where appropriate. Apart from the Tesco plans, which were a special case, the main attention had been on Buyright’s external changes. They acquired full Class A planning consent with the purchase from Tesco so there can be no objection to their increased emphasis on food retailing, and they have readily cooperated with our requests to put up notices publicising the Town Centre. Our President, Canon John Griffin spoke of his appreciation of the work done by the Planning Sub-Committee.

Jan then reported as representative of the Society on the Town Forum and the Traffic Working Group. Two projects were highlighted: the Station Road pavement, and the prospective changes to the High Street. With insufficient funds available from the Town Council the latter cannot yet go ahead.

As chairman, John Bloomfield reviewed the year, in which there had been 6 public meetings. He commended the work by Jim Betteridge and Graham Panton on the Newsletter and the Internet and highlighted the popularity the Society’s stand at the May Show with pictures of the crowds that were attracted. He particularly thanked the two departing members of the Executive Committee for their work: Ben Allen stepping down after 15 years as Membership Secretary (and also remembering his wife, Ellen Allen), and Martin Looker. The remaining members were returned unopposed. The committee is now:

John Bloomfield


Jan Byrne

Vice Chairman

Sue Angland


Jim Betteridge


Bert Keele


Graham Panton


Rosemary Schade


Gordon Sutcliffe


Joe Byrne

History Group chair

Canon Griffin thanked all the Committee for their work over the year.

A resolution proposed by the Executive Committee that ‘there will be a student fee of £1 for Full Time Students’ was passed, extending the previous provision for Junior Membership of the Society.

John Bloomfield then introduced the Noel Turner Awards. Having looked at several proposals the Committee decided to make awards to two. One award was presented to Mr Peter Jarvis for The Old Lodging House in Benton Street. The other award was made to Mr Ian Newman of East Anglian Renovations, for the White Lion Hotel development.

The final item was a report on current state of the campaign to oppose Tesco’s plans for a supermarket on the Pound Lane site.

This was followed by cheese and wine.


‘The Old Lodging House’, Benton Street

Mr and Mrs Peter Jarvis acquired a potentially difficult site for construction within a conservation area in the town of Hadleigh. It was particularly important for the dwelling to be built to harmonise with the variety of local styles adjacent to the proposed building without copying them and produce a design which would sit comfortably amongst these as it mellowed. Moreover the problem of creating a building which would not appear to be out of character, whilst providing amenities appropriate to the twenty-first century, provided a considerable challenge.

The result has been a building meriting recognition, with much attention to detail, well executed by a local builder, Mr Alan Keeble. The house enhances that part of Benton Street and sets a standard for any further development in the area.

‘The Old Lodging House’ is of much credit to the present owners, whilst the choice of name perpetuates a part of Hadleigh’s history that might easily have been forgotten.

The White Lion Hotel

The White Lion Hotel stands in a very prominent position, which forms part of the vista that creates Hadleigh Market Place. Though frequently changing ownership, it had been derelict for some years, and the Hotel itself and its extensive outbuildings had been the target for vandalism.

Mr Ian Newman of East Anglian Renovations saw the sites potential for meeting the needs of the community, in a singularly imaginative way. By the creation of private accommodation within the historic structure, whilst retaining many of its original features and moreover by designing mews housing to the rear, the site was retained as a single development greatly in character with this part of the town, at the same time as providing a structural link within the Town’s core.

This particular site overall required sensitivity of design as well as of execution. The new buildings are particularly appealing, whilst the total retention of the character of the original structure even as far as retaining the signing is an illustration of vision, ethos and practicality.


Within the next few weeks (maybe before you read this) a planning application for a new superstore and additional car parking on the Buyright site will be submitted to Babergh. The store will be for one of the national supermarket companies. Buyright will continue to trade from their existing store, which they are refurbishing both outside and in. To do this, QD Stores, the owners of Buyright, are acquiring additional land on the other side of Boswell Lane. They already own land between their store and the river.

Earlier this year when Buyright sought planning consent for the exterior refurbishing of the store the Society made contact with their architects to discuss some concerns over colour. The owner of the store then contacted our Chairman who together with our Vice Chairman met him and his architects at which he revealed, in confidence, their plans for the site. Since that time they have been in regular contact, have been provided with plans and now have permission to reveal these proposals. QD Stores are aware that the Society has reservations about any superstore development but believe that this development would be less damaging to the town than would Tesco’s.

Once the proposals are officially lodged with Babergh your Executive will be seeking the views of all our members but in the meantime would be grateful for any initial views.

Contact John Bloomfield 822063 or Jan Byrne 822192



Don’t forget the Hadleigh Deanery Fete on Bank Holiday Monday, 30th August, opening at 2pm. For more details call 01473 824996.


From Barbara Irby, Oscoda, Michigan USA

I was born in Hadleigh and now live in the United States. I haven’t been back home in some time and would like to keep up with new things in the town I was born in. My maiden name was Beckett.

Thank You, I do enjoy your Web site.


1999/2000 Programme

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Monica Place

17th Aug

Hadleigh in the War Years
John Kersey

14th Oct

Pictures from the Hadleigh Archives


23rd Nov

Venue: Hadleigh Old Town Hall, 8pm. Free to members, £2 for non-members.

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Pictures from around the High Street on Saturday 26th June. Would it still be as thriving if Tesco arrives? If anyone recognises themselves in these pictures we could add captions for posterity. Hadleigh Library provides free access to the Internet.



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