The Hadleigh SocietyAug 2003
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The 21st A G M

held on Wednesday 25th June 2003 in Hadleigh Old Town Hall at 8.00 p.m.

TREASURER'S REPORT      Chris Drake, who took over the post of Treasurer in January 2003, presented this year’s financial statement, noting particularly that the Study Day raised £268.14 which was donated to the restoration of the upper room in the Guildhall.  

HISTORY GROUP REPORT            The group continues to research Hadleigh life in 1836, including gathering information from newspapers of the time.  During their research, members of the group discovered letters and news cuttings concerning a highway robbery in Hadleigh and are collating the information for a presentation to the Society early next year.

PLANNING REPORT           Regarding the proposed supermarket development, the Brett Works site has been rejected and the Buyright site has been accepted into the Second Deposit Draft of the Local Plan, to which the Society has responded.  The Society has expressed concern regarding the potential growth of the proposed residential and industrial expansion in the Ramsey Road area.

NOEL TURNER AWARD 2003       This year the Society made two awards, as reported in the May Newsletter.  One is for a modest refurbishment to Andrew’s butcher’s shop in the High Street.  The other is for the development at Station Yard of high class housing on redundant railway sidings. 

REPRESENTATION ON OTHER BODIES            John Bloomfield reported as Chair of the East of England Association of Civic Trust Societies (EEACTS).  The Association has over eighty local amenity society members, now receives some funding from the Civic Trust and has developed regional policies.  Representatives have met with Regional Government Officers to consider the contribution from the voluntary sector.  Major issues planned for discussion include transport, particularly air transport.  It is gradually being recognised that civic societies are the only real sounding board for many issues.  John is also a member of the East of England Historic Environment Forum, is part of a government focus group studying the revision of the listing system and on the regional committee of the Civic Trust.

Jan Byrne announced that the Town Forum has been revived and is responsible for organising the forthcoming Summer Street Fair.  The Traffic Management Working Party continues to meet bi-monthly.  During this year the replacement lighting has been installed in the High Street.  The tourist signs have been positioned on the A1071 and the new road to the industrial estate should be opened soon.  The group usually works to a five-year plan and has achieved quite a lot for the town over the years with hopefully more to come.   

CHAIR'S REVIEW     Jan Byrne opened her report by stating that the Society has enjoyed a quiet but positive year.  Our speakers have drawn in a significant number of visitors and are well supported by members.  The last year we had three talks from our own members and the Society is indebted to Sue Andrews for the vast amount of research she is undertaking related to Hadleigh.  Our display stand at the May Show caused a lot of attention and we have decided to invest in a 4 x 6 metre white tent.  We continue to monitor the activities around the Tesco and Buyright sites and have responded to the final draft of the District Plan in such a way that we can give evidence at the inquiry next year.  The Hertford Society spent a day in Hadleigh in May and have invited us to visit them next year.  In July we shall host the annual meeting of ‘Civic Societies in Suffolk’.  Thanks were given to the hard-working committee members; John Bloomfield for keeping us up-to-date with national activities, Chris Drake for capably holding the purse strings, Graham Panton and Jim Betteridge for producing the newsletters and posters, Glenda Druce for her work with the history group and Sue Angland for arranging the speakers.  Rosemary Schade has to stand down from the committee under the five-year rule, but she has agreed to continue the work of Membership Secretary.  In conclusion, we look forward to a New Society Year and hope that it continues to be successful. 

ELECTION OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE           As no formal ballot was necessary the Executive Committee for the coming year would be:


Jan Byrne


Jim Betteridge

Vice Chair

John Bloomfield


Joe Byrne


Sue Angland


Graham Panton


Chris Drake



History Group

Glenda Druce



Membership Secretary    Rosemary Schade (non-voting)

After the reading of notices etc., Jan Byrne presented “A Pictorial Miscellany” which was enjoyed by all.

The meeting closed with the serving of wine, cheese and other refreshments.