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Minutes of the 24th Annual Meeting

held on Wednesday 28th June 2006 in Hadleigh Old Town Hall at 8.00 p.m.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from four members the Society.

MINUTES OF A.G.M. 29TH JUNE 2005. Were accepted as a true record of the meeting. There were no matters arising not covered elsewhere in the Agenda.

TREASURER’S REPORT. Chris Drake presented this year’s financial statement. Due to the increase in subscriptions the funds are healthy. Thanks to Sue Angland’s efforts we received a grant for the new digital projector and there are monies in the fund to purchase a new screen. The projector will be held by the Hadleigh Market Feoffment and available for use there by other organisations at a nominal fee.

HISTORY GROUP REPORT. Sue Angland reported that work on the 1836 map continues using two main sources. The Dean’s Diary has been fully transcribed describing his daily work load and a very rich description of his parishioners. Secondly, local newspapers in the Bury and Ipswich Records Offices searching for any articles about events in Hadleigh. The group gave a presentation of the Highway Robbery to the Lavenham Society and have another booked in St Joseph’s Church, Hadleigh, in October.

Last August the group enjoyed an outing to Hadleigh Castle, Essex and Hyde Hall gardens. An outing is being arranged to Kew in the Autumn.

The group are preparing their presentation to the Society next year.

PLANNING REPORT. Objections have been made to some developments in the Conservation Area. As expected the Inspector to the District Plan Inquiry included the Brett Works site as suitable for a Supermarket. There followed a long discussion for the benefit of new members on the past activities surrounding the Tesco previous application. A new planning application is still awaited. Jan explained her concerns that the District Council is trying to persuade the Town Council to sell their lands for the Tesco development and linking that sale to the provision of a swimming pool.

REPRESENTATION ON OTHER BODIES. John Bloomfield continues to represent the Society on the East of England Association of Civic Trusts and on the Historic Environment Forum.

Jan Byrne represents the Society on the Hadleigh Environment and Traffic Management Working group. Attempts had been made to disband the group but Hadleigh members have urged the S.C.C. to keep the group going and the Town Council is supplying the clerical support. Some issues around yellow lines were discussed.


Over the last year the executive committee has followed the programme which has been the pattern of previous years. It was decided that we would take a gamble on continuing to invite speakers of calibre even if their fees had been increased. Their cost has been offset by their additional ‘pulling power’ with generally larger audiences, which illustrates that this was the right decision.

The Society was again represented at the Hadleigh Show. As well as the usual, join here and information about the Society, the theme decided on was ‘The Hadleigh Charities, past and present” with photographic illustrations of the surviving properties. To me it seemed most interesting how many of the original properties still survive from their start, some still helping to pay the benefactor’s way through purgatory, others clearly post reformation, whilst new dwellings being built to help with meeting today’s needs. Jan, Sue Andrews and Sue Angland are to be thanked for their efforts, which attracted much interest.

The Society owed a debt of gratitude to Sue Angland for following through a grant from the Big Lottery fund ‘Awards for all’ scheme. We received a grant of 1490 to purchase a digital projector, spare bulb and screen. Graham Panton researched the market and came up with a specification and machine to meet it. We can now offer speakers up to date facilities.

Next year’s programme is practically finalised.

Now to Tesco. There is little to report because little has happened except the Town Council has been put under increasing pressure to sell some land to the District Council, using the need to replace the swimming pool as a lever. Babergh has decided to dispose of another town asset, East House. The Town Council is not prepared to negotiate with the District Council until it has seen the Tesco plan.

Finally I would like to thank all of the Executive committee who all pull more than their weight. Nothing just happens in the Society, people make it happen.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS. As no formal ballot was necessary the Executive Committee for the coming year consists of:-

Chair:                   John Bloomfield


Vice Chair:           Graham Panton

          Sue Angland

Secretary:              Jan Byrne

          Daphne Jarvis

Treasurer:             Chris Drake.

          Margaret Woods

Membership Secretary:             Rosemary Schade (non-voting)

Newsletter Distributor:             Jim Betteridge. (non voting)

The meeting closed with the serving of cheese and wine plus an impromptu showing of ‘pictures from the archives’ on our new projector.

The Hadleigh Society