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Any freehold and leasehold property acquired by the Society shall, and if the Executive Committee so directs any other property belonging to the Society, be vested in trustees who shall deal with such property as the Executive Committee may from time to time direct.

Any trustees shall be at least three in number or a trust corporation. The Power or appointment of new trustees shall be vested in the Executive Committee. A trustee need not be a member of the Society but no person whose membership lapses by virtue of clause 4 hereof shall thereafter be qualified to act as a trustee unless and until re-appointed as such by the Executive Committee.

The Honorary Secretary shall from time to time notify the trustees in writing of any amendment hereto and the trustees shall not be bound by any such amendments in their duties as trustees unless such notice has been given.

The Society shall be bound to indemnify the trustees in their duties (including the proper charge of a trustee being a trust corporation) and liability under such indemnity shall be a proper administrative expense.

The Hadleigh Society