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Here is a list of past events, associated with the Society, its members, or its major interests.  A few were not directly the responsibility of the Hadleigh Society.  Some recent newsletters include reports of these events: where these are available they can be found by clicking on the highlighted link in the subject column.

Where it's available, a poster of the meeting can be viewed by clicking the highlighted date, or there will be a link to click in the Poster column. 


Subject By Summary Poster
22 Mar 1984 The Museum Comes to Life Rob Shortland-Ball Museum of East Anglian Life
8 May 1984 Clocks and Clock Making Michael Hills
Hills of Sudbury
Held at BDC Offices

12 May 1986

Who's Been Living in My House? How to trace the history of your house or site, with exhibition of documents and photographs of 'Old Hadleigh' PDF
3 Dec 1986 Period Properties, Hadleigh's Houses in 3 periods John Bloomfield
John Griffin
Chris Culpin

28 Jan 1987

Growth of Hadleigh from Primitive Settlement to a Self Governing Town WAB Jones PDF

28 Feb 1987

Antiques seminar: English Silver from 1237AD, Pottery and Porcelain from 200BC Noel Turner, FRICS PDF

25 Mar 1987

Rise and Fall of a Cloth Town Frank Grace PDF

20 May 1987

The New Hadleigh Town Plan Steven Brown PDF

23 Sep 1987

Suffolk Landscapes Celia Jennings PDF

25 Nov 1987

Hadleigh 1881 History Group PDF

27 Jan 1988

Listed Gardens Audrey Tyerman  

23 Mar 1988

Hadleigh 1618-1686, Chartered Borough WAB Jones PDF

22 Apr 1988

Our Trees, The Aftermath of the Hurricane Jenny Carlisle, Conservation Officer, Babergh DC

25 Apr 1988

visit to Hadleigh Sewage Treatment Plant PDF

28 Apr 1988

walk, Rands Farm to Bullocky Fen

04 May 1988

Three Hadleigh Houses described by their owners (incl Flying Chariot) L Panton, etc PDF

29 Jun 1988


28 Sep 1988

The Cloth Industry in Mediaeval Suffolk Mark Bailey PDF

7 Dec 1988

Books as Art Objects Noel Turner PDF

25 Jan 1989

The Changing Townscape of 19th Century Ipswich Frank Grace PDF

22 Mar 1989

The History of Hadleigh's Grand Feoffment Jim Quinlan PDF

31 May 1989

Listing Old Buildings Sylvia Colman PDF

28 Jun 1989


28 Jun 1989

First Hadleigh Society Award to Keith Young for renovation of 'Edwards of Hadleigh'

23 Sep 1989

Visit to Leez Priory John Bloomfield

27 Sep 1989

Gardening in the 18th Century Audrey Tyerman PDF

22 Nov 1989

Soddington Street Environmental Group PDF

31 Jan 1990

Mediaeval Hall Houses John Bloomfield

14 Mar 1990

Hadleigh businesses: Citadel Press and H Erben PDF

23 May 1990

Garden party, Pink House

27 Jun 1990


23 Aug 1990

Noel Turner FRICS, former Chairman, died aged 72

28 Aug 1990

WAB Jones, President, died aged 83

01 Sep 1990

Environment Group consider Crest proposal Michael Greenwood

26 Sep 1990

Suffolk's Traffic and Roads into the Next Century J J Stansfield, County Surveyor PDF

10 Oct 1990

Local Silk, its History and Manufacture R K Lynton, Vanners Silks PDF

21 Nov 1990

Hadleigh 1871 - a time of change History Group PDF

01 Dec 1990

Hadleigh 1881 book published History Group PDF

23 Jan 1991

The Work of the SPS Graeme Bushell

01 Mar 1991

Guildhall Complex reopens

20 Mar 1991

What Future for South Suffolk? Don Ayre, SCC Planning Dept PDF

15 May 1991

Are You Sitting Comfortably: Antique Chairs Gordon Sutcliffe PDF

21 May 1991

Elizabethan Hadleigh - Responses to the Poor Prof Marjorie K McIntosh

26 Jun 1991

AGM & talk, Beyond the Millenium Michael Greenwood

26 Jun 1991

Canon J Griffin appointed Hon President

26 Jun 1991

Noel Turner Award to Gordon Sutcliffe

26 Jun 1991

Noel Turner Award to Odds & Ends

26 Jun 1991

Noel Turner Award to Richard Jackson Partnership

10 Jul 1991

The place of Hadleigh within Babergh D Bishop, Babergh CE, G Swain, R Coysh PDF

18 Sep 1991

Doomsday Suffolk Mark Bailey PDF

06 Oct 1991

Hadleigh Guildhall guided tour John Bloomfield

30 Oct 1991

Fine Arts & Antiques James Fletcher, Oliver's of Sudbury PDF

27 Nov 1991

The Effects of Farming on our Environment Hans Luers PDF

28 Jan 1992

Hadleigh with the lid off John Bloomfield PDF

28 Jan 1992

first Hadleigh Society event in Guildhall

27 Feb 1992

planning panel formed

10 Mar 1992

Listed Gardens of Suffolk Audrey Tyerman PDF

30 Apr 1992

Why Must the Show Go On? The Seventy Years of Hadleigh Amateur Dramatic Society Brian Haylock PDF

10 May 1992

visit of Harwich Society

21 May 1992

visit of Long Melford H & A Society

25 Jun 1992


25 Jun 1992

Noel Turner Award to National Rivers Authority for Tinkers Lane weir

29 Jul 1992

visit to Bury St Edmunds Record Office Rosemary Rogers

01 Sep 1992

Town Archives issue raised in Newsletter (Sep, Oct, Nov)

13 Sep 1992

visit to Woodbridge

22 Sep 1992

Napoleonic Woodbridge Peter Driver PDF

13 Oct 1992

Hadleigh Traffic Survey Malcolm Smith, Deputy County Survey

19 Nov 1992

Our Town and its Heritage Richard Ward, BDC Conservation Officer

01 Dec 1992

Babergh Local Plan Alteration no 1, through to June

26 Jan 1993

Use and Abuse of Decorative Detail in Hadleigh Richard Bawden Oddities & Curiosities of Hadleigh PDF

11 Mar 1993

Suffolk - a Personal World Ronald Blythe PDF

27 Apr 1993

The Art of Thomas Gainsborough Hugh Belsay, curator Gainsborough's Hous PDF

09 May 1993

visit to Harwich

15 May 1993

stand at Hadleigh Show

23 May 1993

visit from Woodbridge Soc

24 Jun 1993


21 Jul 1993

Friends of the Guildhall formed Jane Haylock

01 Sep 1993

Suffolk Historic Buildings Group formed Martin Mosebury Smith

21 Sep 1993

Hadleigh & the Amateur Stage (HADS history continued) Brian Haylock

21 Oct 1993

Future of Local Government E Barritt SCC Planning Officer

18 Nov 1993

A Long Look Back at Suffolk Norman Scarfe

27 Jan 1994

Patterns for Suffolk Buildings Celia Jennings

08 Mar 1994

As I Was Walking Past the Skip John Bloomfield

27 Apr 1994

Suffolk in the Civil War Frank Grace

30 Jun 1994


23 Aug 1994

The Work of the SPS Gregory Luton

6 Oct 1994

Shipping on Orwell Richard Smith

22 Nov 1994

Hadleigh in the 1840s History Group

10 Jan 1995

Hadleigh Picture Show Peter Boulton

16 Mar 1995

The Day That Peace Broke Out John Bloomfield

25 Apr 1995

Conserving our Heritage Michael Munt

29 Jun 1995

A Country Parsonage in the Forepart of the Century Canon John Griffin

29 Jun 1995


22 Aug 1995

Suffolk Garden Legacy -Sir Cedric Morris & Friends Audrey Tyerman

14 Oct 1995

Visit to Giffords Hall Mrs Brocklebank

19 Oct 1995

Suffolk Churches Fred Bridges

7 Nov 1995

A Year on the Farm with Horses Roger Clark

9 Jan 1996

Archaeology in Suffolk Keith Wade,Principle Archaeology Officer

14 Mar 1996

Access to your Archives Guenever Pachent, Assistant Director Suffolk County Libraries and Heritage

23 Apr 1996

'Touring' Historic Colchester Don Scott (lecturer, tour guide)

27 Jun 1996


20 Aug 1996

Suffolk Regiment Archives Gwyn Thomas, archivist

17 Oct 1996

Old Hadleigh Peter Branch, past landlord at Kings Head and past Mayor of Hadleigh

26 Nov 1996

The Town & St Mary's Dean, The Very Revd Stuart Morris

28 Jan 1997

Lavenham, story of a Suffolk wool town Fred Bridges

13 Mar 1997

Early Motoring in Suffolk John Bridges

29 Apr 1997

Tracing the History of Houses Sue Andrews

26 Jun 1997


12 Aug 1997

Old Hadeigh Picture Show Richard Ward

1 Oct 1997

Fire in Benton Street: The Magistrate and the Servant Girl Clive Paine

25 Nov 1997

Hadleigh in War & Peace from 1939 Peter Branch

Tues 27 Jan 1998

Shopping in Bildeston thro' the ages Sue Andrews

Thur 12 Mar 1998

The 19th century Silk Trade of Suffolk & Essex David Possee

Tues 28 Apr 1998

A new look at your brick wall (discovering what walls can show) Roger Kennell

Thur 25 Jun 1998

Annual General Meeting followed by talk on Hadleigh Archives Joe Byrne

Tue 11 Aug 1998

A Brett Valley Patchwork - titbits of history Sue Andrews

Sat 19
Sep 1998

Suffolk Local History Council Study day      

Thu 1 Oct 1998

Firefighting in Suffolk Graham Saward

Tue 24 Nov 1998

The story of Hadleigh's Charities from 1400 to 1900 History Group
Tue 2 Feb 1999 Illicit Sex in 17th Century Hadleigh Sue Andrews
18 Mar 1999
Will - making in Mediaeval Hadleigh Peter Northeast
27 Apr 1999
Hookers and Strippers - The Paupers of Hadleigh Clive Paine
24 Jun 1999
AGM, Cheese and Wine
17 Aug 1999
Putting a National Trust House to Bed Monica Place
14 Oct 1999
What did you do in the war, John?
A schoolboy's memories of wartime Hadleigh.
John Kersey poster
23 Nov 1999
100 Pictures from the Hadleigh Archives Joe Byrne
8th Feb 2000
Are you being heard? Mrs Pat Barnes, Chief Executive, Babergh District Council
16th March 2000
Throwing Light on the Dark Ages in Hadleigh Sue Andrews
25th April 2000
Freemasonry in the Hadleigh and Colchester Area in the Early Days Mrs Pat Lewis
22nd June 2000
22nd August 2000
Hadleigh Time Line John Bloomfield A chronology of Hadleigh’s history from the earliest known date
19th October
Will Making in Medieval Hadleigh – part 2 Peter Northeast In Part 1 we heard how their wills revealed that some of Hadleigh’s past residents were millionaires, by today’s values. Find our more in Part 2.
28th November
Suffolk’s Mary Rose Clive Paine Henry VIII’s younger sister and her association with Suffolk
Tuesday 6th February 2001 Hadleigh in 1881 History Group 
Thursday 22nd March Films from the East Anglian archive Mr F Jacobi E Anglian Film Archive - UEA
Tuesday 24th April Hadleigh Archaeological Dig Linzi Everett
Tuesday 26th June AGM
Tuesday 21st August Bieberach Revisited Carol Wheatley
Monday 22nd October Edwardian Reform in the Hadleigh Area (1447-1553) Clive Paine
Tuesday 20th November The History of Cartoons Brian Haylock
5th February
The Cold War Revisited (Personal Experiences of a Berlin Airlift Pilot) Jim Betteridge
20th March
From Sheep to Shawl Barbara Rumsey
Tuesday 23rd April The Structure of St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh
Roger Kennel
27th June
21st August
The Organist and the Parlourmaid  Colin Stephenson A Hadleigh Love Story
23rd October
Hadleigh Looks After Its Poor, 1400-1700 Sue Andrews
28th November
Dr Rowland Taylor and Mary’s Counter Reformation in the Hadleigh Area. Clive Paine
3rd February 2003
Hadleigh Picture Show Joe Byrne More pictures from Hadleigh's Archives.
19th March
Hadleigh's Open Spaces Mark Taverner in relation to a possible ‘Anglia In Bloom’ entry
29th April
The Wealth of Hadleigh’s Charities Sue Andrews
25th June
20th August
The Organist's Son - A Hadleigh Childhood Colin Stephenson poster
16th October

258kB PDF


Cedric Morris: 40 years in Hadleigh  Glyn Morgan Glyn Morgan on the work of Cedric Morris who for 40 years was one of the most celebrated residents of Hadleigh. From 1944 up to Cedric’s death in 1982 Glyn was a frequent pupil at the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing at Benton End.
24th November
Queen Elizabeth's Progresses Through Suffolk, 1561 and 1578 Clive Paine   221kB PDF
3rd February
Hadleigh Highway Robbery and update History group See newsletter PDF 88k
Monday 15th March From Hadleigh to Holland-on-Sea and Back: a Historical Comparison Roger Kennell Both Hadleigh and Holland-on-Sea appear in Doomsday.  Today they are about the same size, but they developed very differently.  Roger has studied their histories and will present a comparison. PDF 389k
Wednesday 19th May Hadleigh’s History Mysteries! Sue Andrews A Question & Answer Session 265k
Wednesday 23rd June Annual General Meeting  
Monday 16th August Commonwealth War Graves Peter Lee see newsletter 155k PDF
Tuesday 12th October What did 'ag labs' actually do? Michael Stone We know that these abbreviations mask a great deal of painful work in all weathers, but do they mask a great range of skills?  This talk gives a detailed answer from 1842/3, using an unpublished source from a mid-Suffolk estate.  Day by day the activities of the farm staff are recalled. 283k PDF
24th November
Victorian Christmas Clive Paine Most of our images of the 'perfect Christmas', its customs, celebrations and gatherings are based in the Victorian period. But how did the Victorians themselves see Christmas Past; how did they revive, adapt and add to the celebration of the birth of Christ, with entertainments, songs, decorations, food and drink; and what was the reality of Christmas for those at different levels of society? This talk attempts to answer these questions using contemporary accounts, newspaper reports, drawings and photographs. 173k jpeg
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 The Battle of Maldon & The Danish Conquest Dr Sam Newton An illustrated presentation on the two phases of the coming of the Danes to East Anglia, looking first at the Danish kingdom of Guthrum in the late ninth century before considering the return of the Danes in the late tenth century and, in particular, the Battle of Maldon. Understanding of the latter is enormously enhanced by one of the greatest surviving Old English battle-poems, which provides an almost blow-by-blow account and details which help us locate the site of the battle around the Northey Island causeway. PDF
Wednesday 6th April Suffolk Witches Pip Wright From medieval days through to Victorian times, how superstition has haunted Suffolk, and the persecution it led to. PDF
Monday 23rd May A Hadleigh ‘Pub Crawl’ Sue Andrews an (unfortunately) imaginary tour of the town’s pubs of yesteryear.   266kB PDF
Wednesday 29th June

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 17th August

in St Mary's Church

Behind The Vestry Door John Bloomfield
St Mary's Church Vestry has, for some centuries, been the repository of day to day matters and objects concerning the church as a structure and an institution.  Though relatively inconsequential at the time, they now have a fascinating historical importance. illustrating some of the physical changes brought about by the personalities involved as well as a small insight into the individuals themselves.  John Bloomfield has compiled some of this information to show what previous generations did to the church to match the requirements of the day and, in doing so, has unearthed some surprises. 
566kB PDF
Wednesday 5th October Plague in 17th Century Suffolk Clive Paine   60k pdf
Wednesday 23rd November Hadleigh’s 20th Century Revealed Roger Kennell An illustrated look at the town during the 20th century, which brought great changes, especially during the latter decades. Linked to the recent publication of a new book, Hadleigh 1900 - 2000, see some of the pictures which did not get a place in the book. Test your memory on some shops and shopkeepers of Hadleigh. PDF
30th January 2006
Enjoying Old Churches Roy Tricker   pdf 678k
 3rd April
St Edmund: History and Legend Dr Sam Newton   PDF (116k)
Wednesday 24th May Pretty Corsets in Hadleigh Roger Kennell For over twenty years early last century, the Hadleigh Corset Factory of William Pretty provided employment for many local women and girls. 

Who was William Pretty? Where was the factory, what was made there, and why was a basket regulary lowered from the factory window? Researched, and now told for the first time, this is the interesting story of an age when women dressed so differently to today’s fashions.

563kB PDF
Wednesday 28th June Annual General Meeting      
Wednesday 16th August Transportation in Suffolk Pip Wright   150kB PDF
Friday 1st September
7.30pm for 8pm
Ruby & Her Horses The Bumpstead Boys True life stories from the age of agricultural depression much of which is centred around Ruby's love and adventures with horses in these hard days. A time when you could walk on land from Cambridge to Clacton that nobody would take and as Ruby said 'if you hadn't got anything you were lucky, for sooner or later you would loose it and you had not the worry of it.' The songs are sung by Andrew in his fine nut brown Suffolk voice whilst Neil tells the stories just at Ruby told them. 234kB jpeg
 9th October
Hadleigh's Parks Sue Andrews   907kB PDF
Wednesday 29th November The New Poor Law Clive Paine   104kB PDF
Wednesday 17th January 2007 Rags and Bones, a 19th Century Working Class Community in Ipswich Frank Grace In late Victorian Ipswich over 8000 people lived in the slums of the St Clement's district. Through the lives and experiences of the inhabitants Frank Grace explores the world of the poor. Poster PDF (537kB)
Monday 26th March Aldham, A Changed Village Pam Oldroyd A resident of Aldham for 40 years, Pam researched the history of the village for 20 years and witnessed a strand of social history unfolding around her.  Some of the displays from her exhibitions of 1988/90 were on view. Poster (pdf) 106kB

Poster (jpg) 212kB

Wednesday 2nd May King Alfred, the Cakes and the Raven Banner Dr Sam Newton reference to Guthrum Poster (pdf) 109kB
Wednesday 20th June AGM      
Monday 13th August Hadleigh 1836 History Group

The eight members of Hadleigh Society History Group peopled the streets of the town based on a map dated 1836 held in Hadleigh Archive. The map shows all the residential streets with buildings represented as approximate-sized rectangles, except for the parish church of St Mary’s that appears to be a scaled plan. Some dwellings and business premises have the names of their occupiers, while others are numbered. These numbers do not refer to present addresses but to a local census discovered in the Suffolk Record Office at Bury St Edmunds.

Poster (pdf) 236kB
Monday 15th October Women of Hadleigh Sue Andrews C15 Matilda Groome: 1464 set up hospice 30y before Pykenham's almshouses

C16 Alice Parkins

C16 Ann Still

C17 Elizabeth Buddle

C18 Ann Beaumont

C18 Sarah Lloyd

C19 Phoebe Death - the economics of a poor family

C20 'Mrs Oldham'

Poster (pdf) 234kB
Wednesday 5th December Men of Hadleigh Roger Kennell William Pykenham, came to Hadleigh 1469

John Lindsey=Simon Dewes=John Muriel, d1975

Dean Brown - mid C20th

John Hervey - leader of the Hadleigh Gang, trial 1747

Oswald Gayford - record flight to S Africa, 1933

Hugh James Rose - Oxford movement

Fred Holbrow - painter, decorator

Roland Alderton - Toppesfield Mill

and the bricklayers & carpenters who built the town

Poster (pdf) 854kB
14 Jan 2008
Wolves Wood Mark Nowers, RSPB An ancient woodland and bird reserve PDF 98k
Wed 5 Mar From the Quill to the Ballpoint Michael Woods The story of the development of writing implements and materials. Based on a personal collection. PDF 330k
Mon 19 May The Making of the Suffolk Landscape Edward Martin   394k PDF
Wed 18 Jun AGM      
Mon 11 Aug Medical Matters in Hadleigh Millie Goulbourn Medical Tales PDF
Margaret Jeffrey Dr Franey: Hadleigh Cottage Hospital.  
Sue Andrews Smallpox and the Pest House Charity  
Wed 15 Oct Market Stalls and Almshouses Sue Andrews The story of Hadleigh’s two feoffment charities. PDF 789k
Mon 1 Dec The Hadleigh Dean's Diary History Group an 1840’s record of the Dean’s professional life. PDF 550k
Mon 19 Jan 2009 ‘The King of Bling’ – The Prittlewell Discovery - Dr Sam Newton Who was the king who lay in state in the richly laden burial-mound discovered at Prittlewell in Essex? Preliminary indications suggest that he may have been the first Christian king of the East Saxons, Sæberht, who died c.616. Sam explores what we can see in the burial chamber in the context of the history of the early seventh century. 170k PDF
Wed 18 Mar in Town Hall Dining Room An Airman's Tale John Bloomfield An illustrated biography of the son of a local man, an airman, Mr McNamara, who 'did it all' and was killed before he was 21. PDF 891kB
Mon 18 May The Reign of Henry VIII in Suffolk Clive Paine Themes included Cardinal Wolsey, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, Taxation Riots, the local militia, religious changes, mansions and diet. 114k PDF
Wed 17 Jun AGM      
Mon 10 Aug And so to bed in Hadleigh, 1550 - 1750 Sue Andrews   677k PDF
Wed 21 Oct Members' Evening allcomers Open mic - bring your own reminiscences about people, buildings, trades: anything about Hadleigh. Call us if you need any projection facilities. PDF
Mon 7 Dec Hadleigh in World War II Roger Kennell   PDF
Wed 20 Jan 2010 Hadleigh & Flying John Bloomfield Poster shows Mrs de Havilland and Lady Bailey at Hadleigh Airfield. 423k PDF
Mon 15 Mar Suffolk Deer Parks Dr Rosemary Hoppitt Medieval hunting and the Suffolk parks. 923kB PDF
Wed 19 May Hugh James Rose, Dean of Hadleigh Revd Paul Hamlet   PDF 469k
Mon 21 Jun AGM      
Wed 18 Aug The Deanery Tower Roger Kennell An illustrated presentation telling the story of William Pykenham, a late 15th century Rector of Hadleigh. He held many church appointments, and was lawyer, and also a builder. The stunning Rectors tower at Hadleigh is one of his buildings. But what was he like as a man?  525kB pdf
Mon 18 Oct World War 2 Memories Nina and Steve Sherwood   142kB PDF
Wed 15 Dec Crime and Punishment in 19th Century Hadleigh Hadleigh Local Studies Workshop Group: Sue Andrews, Millie Goulbourn, Margaret Jeffery, Jean Styles ‘And the donkey was brought into the court’.  A look at Crime and Punishment in Hadleigh during the nineteenth century. Portrait


Wed 19 Jan 2011 Hadleigh Trades and Occupations in the 19th Century History Group    
Mon 14 Mar Helming Leget, royal servant and Pond Hall, Hadleigh Dr Rosemary Hoppitt & Sue Andrews   177k PDF
Wed 18 May Pictures of Hadleigh Streets, 1962 Jan Byrne    landscape


Mon 20 Jun AGM      
Wed 17 Aug In a Deanery Garden The Very Revd Martin Thrower, Rector of Hadleigh, Dean of Bocking and Rural Dean of Hadleigh Starting with tour around the garden if weather is suitable, followed by talk in the Old Town Hall. 300k PDF
Mon 17 October The Ipswich Quayside Suffolk Archaeological Team   123k PDF
Mon 12 Dec The Medieval Manor of Hadleigh Margaret Woods from  translations of the original manorial documents 358k PDF
Wed 18 Jan
Martello Towers Roger Kennell   80k PDF
Mon 12 Mar Hadleigh in the News Terry Hunt, editor, East Anglian Daily Times   58k PDF
Wed 16 May History of Polstead Bill Wigglesworth    100k PDF
Mon 18 Jun AGM      
Wed 15 Aug Sustainable Architecture Without Gadgets Ralph Carpenter   PDF
Mon 15 Oct Semer and the Workhouse Denise Hammond-Webb   PDF
Mon 10 Dec Ghosts and Ghoulies Sheila Wright   PDF
Wed 16th Jan
Most Secret: The Hidden History of Orford Ness   Paddy Heazell   PDF
Mon 11th Mar Plague in 17th Century Suffolk Pip Wright

the various visitations of the bubonic plague in this county, with special reference to Ipswich in 1665.


Wed 15th May The Development of St Edmundsbury Cathedral Sarah Friswell   PDF
Mon 17th Jun Poor Relief and Community in Hadleigh 1547–1600 Professor Marjorie McIntosh   PDF
Sat 10th Aug Orwell river trip      
Wed 14th Aug AGM      
Mon 14th Oct John Winthrop Dr Nick Sign

Though people will be familiar with the story of the Pilgrim Fathers and their heroic efforts to establish a new colony in America in 1620, an equally important but perhaps lesser known expedition of 1630 was led by a Suffolk gentleman, John Winthrop of Groton. This talk looks at his family background, his life in England and his reasons for going. The talk then examines the struggle to make the new colony of Boston, Massachusetts, a success and looks at some of its cultural influences.

Mon 9 Dec Hadleigh in the Great War Hadleigh Society History Group   PDF

Mon 3 Feb

The Brick Buildings of Hadleigh: Details and Oddities  Roger Kennell   PDF
Wed 2 Apr The story of Hadleigh's parish workhouse Ray Whitehand Hadleigh's parish workhouse was in operation between 1574 - 1834. It was noted in the 1601 act as a positive example of a well-run workhouse, the only one in continuous service throughout the period. PDF
Wed 21 May Hadleigh and the Suffolk Yeomanry during the French Wars, 1794-1815 Dr Margaret Thomas   PDF
Mon 16 Jun AGM followed by Margaret Woods talking on 'The Courts and Petty Crime in Medieval Hadleigh'    
Wed 6 Aug Frolic, Fervour and Fornication Pip Wright The registers and papers that once lay in the parish chests of Suffolk villages contain all kinds of items that could so easily have been thrown away or never written at all. The surprises they reveal about the people of Suffolk in past centuries is remarkable. This talk is all about the things you never expected to find written in the parish records of Suffolk. PDF
Sat 27 Sep Suffolk Local History Council Study Day several Not a Hadleigh Society event.  
Mon 6 Oct Boudica and the Iceni Rebellion, 60 – 61 AD Dr Nick Sign

This talk presents and questions the well known story of the rebellion against the Romans, led by the queen of the Iceni. Beginning with the origins of her name and the many different images of her produced over several centuries, the lecture goes on to examine the nature of the surviving evidence and some recent publications to separate myth from probability and to offer an alternative view of those terrible events.

Wed 3 Dec Ho, Ho, Ho Hadleigh The Untapped Writers

A collection of comic and serious poetry, prose and sketches

Wed 4 Feb 2015 Hadleigh’s Charities History Group   PDF
Tue 24 Mar Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Suffolk Mark Mower   PDF
Tue 12 May The History of Spoken English - and why Suffolk is the most important dialect Charlie Haylock Hear how the seed of spoken English started in Suffolk, how each invading force affected the English language, and the different sounds they brought. Charlie will demonstrate how and why Suffolk helped shape a whole continent’s dialect, and explain why so many Suffolk people are taken as Australian. Highly entertaining. PDF
Wed 10 Jun AGM      
Wed 5 Aug A Hadleigh Perambulation - Beating the Bounds Roger Kennell and Sally Looker   PDF
Tue 6 Oct 100 Not Out - A History of the Diocese Roy Tricker

Each of our bishops is highlighted together with some rather eccentric and autocratic priests! The story weaves the passage of time as our diocese grew and developed into what we know today.

Wed 2 Dec Out On The Margins -  Suffolk Poachers and Smugglers William Tyler   PDF
Tue 2 Feb 2016 The Bronze Age in Suffolk Edward Martin   PDF
Wed 16 Mar The Lost City of Dunwich Mark Mitchells   PDF
Tue 10 May Servants in Suffolk Country Houses Dr Nick Sign This talk examines the many different servant roles to run a large country house, the below-stairs hierarchy, the different duties of male and female servants, methods of recruitment, servants’ wages, working conditions and their living accommodation. Taken from Suffolk records c1700 to c1900 PDF
Wed 15 Jun AGM   with a brief talk afterwards by Roger Kennell, Morgan Lear and Hattie Bawden on 'The Guildhall Kitchen'  
Tue 9 Aug Henslow of Hitcham Edward Martin The Life, Influence & Legacy of Darwin's tutor. PDF
Wed 5 Oct Hadleigh Great War Centenary Project Mark Brennan   PDF
Tue 6 Dec From Yule to Morecambe and Wise: A History of the English Christmas William Tyler   PDF
Tue 7 Feb 2017 The Angel Roofs of East Anglia Michael Rimmer

Angel roof carvings comprise the largest surviving body of major English medieval wood sculpture, often masterpieces of sculpture and engineering but neglected by academics and art historians. Michael Rimmer’s talk will show the artistry and architecture of these inaccessible and little-studied medieval artworks in more detail and clarity than ever before, explain how they were made, by whom, and why.

Wed 22 Mar The History of Suffolk Gravestones Robert Halliday The origins, history and development of gravestones in Suffolk, from the middle ages to the Victorian era, showing the symbolism and artistry used on gravestones. PDF
Tue 2 May Simon of Sudbury
 - The French Connection
Roger Green   PDF
Tue 13 Jun AGM followed by 'Ever Changing Hadleigh' Jan Byrne and Sue Angland    
Wed 16 Aug The Liberty of St Etheldreda Bob Merrett The Liberty of St Etheldreda is an Anglo Saxon legal institution which is at least 1047 year old. This talk will look at why Liberties were created and why a large part of south east Suffolk was chosen to be a Liberty granted to the double monastery established by Etheldreda at Ely. We will also look at the impact that the Liberty of St Etheldreda and the Liberty of St Edmunds had until recent times. PDF
Tue 17 Oct Eastern Angles, Style & Origins Ivan Cutting   PDF
Wed 6 Dec Cakes, Ale & Partying: Feasting & Fundraising in Medieval Suffolk’.
Mulled wine & mince pies
Kate Jewell This talk traces some of the festivals which were important to medieval Suffolk communities, looking at how they celebrated them. It also discusses how one particular community used festivity to raise a huge amount of money in a time of need. PDF
Tue 6 Feb 2018 Hadleigh in the Sixties History Group   Normal poster

'Landscape' poster

Wed 21 Mar From Wool to Cloth Nicholas Amor How Suffolk was the powerhouse of the country in past times.

Dr Nick Amor is an honorary fellow of the University of East Anglia and chairman of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History. He is author of various papers on Suffolk history and also two books - Late Medieval Ipswich: Trade and Industry and From Wool to Cloth: The Triumph of the Suffolk Clothier.  

PDF poster
Tue 1 May Suffolk Ghosts and Hauntings Robert Halliday   PDF poster
Wed 13 June AGM Graham Panton The Gayer-Anderson twins  
Wed 11 Jul 2pm visit to the garden at Polstead Mill introduction by Lucy Bartlett, owner and creator of the garden as illustrated in Barbara Segall’s book ‘Secret Gardens of East Anglia’. Allow two hours to enjoy it all. Booking essential by Wednesday 4 July - Hattie Bawden 01473 823193  
Tue 7 Aug The Paston Letters Mark Mitchels   portrait


Wed 3 Oct A History of Suffolk Farmsteads Philip Aitkens An account of the variety of farms, farming and associated buildings across Suffolk, noting the need for protection from the pressures of housing development. PDF
Tue 4 Dec Hadleigh - Commerce, Trade and Industry Roger Kennell   portrait


Wed 6 Feb 2019 History of Bawdsey Radar Lynette Burgess Bawdsey Radar is where operational radar was developed, in utmost secrecy, that helped win the Battle of Britain. Led by Robert Watson-Watt, the scientific team worked against the odds to create the blueprint for the Chain Home system that protected Britain in her darkest days. Find out more about the role RAF Bawdsey played then, and how the radar transmitter block has been restored and continues to tell this important story. portrait


Tue 26 Mar Purgatory & Church Buildings Tony Redman   Portrait


Wed 1 May The Lost Medieval Port of Goseford Peter Wain   portrait poster

landscape poster


Tue 11 Jun AGM, then "Another Hadleigh Murder" Ray Whitehand    
Wed 7 Aug Building the Tower at St Edmundsbury Cathedral Horry Parsons   PDF - portrait

PDF - landscape

Thu 19 Sep Garden Visit to Shelley House Jane and Michael Crowe    
Tue 8 Oct Woodbridge Artists of the 19th Century Robert Blake   PDF
Wed 4 Dec Suffolk’s Humphry Repton Edward Martin   PDF
Tue 4 Feb 2020 The A to Z of Curious Suffolk:
strange stories of mysteries,
crimes and eccentrics
Sarah Doig   PDF
Wed 25 Mar Cancelled Sudbury Common lands and water ways Adrian Walters   PDF-P


Tue 5 May Cancelled Where have the houses gone? Lisa Psarianos    
Wed 17 Jun AGM   conducted by email  

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